Friday, 27 May 2011

Summer 11 Features


I want to share some new enactments and feature thats coming our way in picked from summer 11 release notes.

1) Package Upload Monitoring
Available in: All Editions

As of Summer ’11, ISVs can now track package uploads directly and view any failures during the upload process. Email notification is no longer required.There are new tabs to navigate to the package detail page and new real-time upload indicators
on the package and package version pages. You can follow an upload step by step, including individual Apex test runs.

2)Half-Up Rounding for All Numeric Fields
Available in: All Editions

As of Summer '11, all numeric fields use the round half up tie-breaking rule. For example, 12.345 becomes 12.35 and −12.345
becomes −12.35.

3)Limit Updates for Fields on Custom Objects, Sharing Rules, and Rich Text Area and Long Text Area Fields
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Editions

In Summer '11, the limit for the maximum number of fields on a custom object has been raised from 500 to 800 fields per object in Unlimited Edition. The total number of sharing rules per object increases from 100 to 300 in Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Editions.There are no longer limits to the number of rich text area and long text area fields that an object can contain, although your Edition's limit for the total number of custom fields allowed on an object, regardless of field type, still applies. Now, each object can contain a total of 1.6 million characters across long text area and rich text area fields. The default character limit for long text area and rich text area fields is 32,000 characters. A long text area or rich text area field needs to contain at least 256 characters. This update is for all Editions except

4)Quick Find Available in Setup
Available in: All Editions

In Summer '11, the sidebar in setup includes a search box for browsing and quickly finding setup tools. In the left pane of any setup page, you can:
• Type the first few characters of a setting name in the Quick Find box. As you type, items that match your search terms appear in the menu. Click an item in the list to go to its setup page. For example, to quickly find the user profiles page, type prof in the Quick Find box.
• Click Expand All to open all setup menus. If you have typed anything in the Quick Find box, only the menus with matching items are expanded.


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