Thursday, 26 May 2011

Summer 11 Field Sets

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Dynamic binding has been one of the most popular new feature in Salesforce Spring 11 release. In summer 11 Field Sets configuration have a different UI then earlier and has attributes associated with it. Ealier configuration was done using there different Boxes now it is like page layout editor where fields can be drag and drop.

 This is how field set configuration screen looks. Configuring it similar to configuring page layouts.

In Summer '11 Some more additional properties are also included in Field Sets now.

1)Required : In the field set it can be mentioned then when this field will be rendered on any Visualforce page it will be required. Again doing it similar like we make any field required in page layouts. Click to properties for any field in "In the Field Set",  there you will see a Check Box field "Required",  set this to true and click Ok and save this field set.

2)You can span a field into a field set that references multiple objects. The total number of cross object spans within the In the Field Set is 25.

Idea for future release :
Blank Space Option for Field Set Editor
Please promote if you feel it will be good addition.


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