Sunday, 5 June 2011

Decimal Rounding in an Apex


As I was asked by my colleague how to round any decimal to certain decimal point, he was new to Salesforce. I looked in Math Methods in Apex Lang Ref. but could not find any as Round method there only returns floor or celling integer value removing all the decimal points. Then I suggested him to basic mathematic formula that my teacher told me in 10th standard
1)Multiply your number with nth power of 10 where n is the decimal point up to which we want to round it.
2) Use Math.Round then
3)Again divide it with n th power of 10

He was amazed that is that the way we do these small things in Apex, his comment made me to go again to Apex Lang Ref. Now I found a direct method in Decimal Method

Do this in System Logs :
Decimal decimalvalue = 23.55564543;
//rounds it up to 3 decimal places
d = d.setscale(3);
system.debug('decimalvalue : ' + d.scale());

Debug Result -> decimalvalue : 23.556

Decimal decimalvalue = 23.55534543;
//rounds it up to 3 decimal places
d = d.setscale();
system.debug('decimalvalue : ' + d.scale());

Debug Result -> decimalvalue : 23.555

So to my colleague and all please use this one and don't complicate things :)



  1. small but very useful, thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Don't forget that Salesforce defaults the rounding mode to half-even which means 0.5 is rounded to 0 and 1.5 is rounded to 2.

    As an alternative, use,

  3. Thank you, chaps. Most useful that is.

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